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Your Team are your Everything!

Happiness and well-being in a company are the foundations for a fruitful career. Even with the best intentions, it can still be difficult to achieve this environment exactly the way you envisage; with targets, deadlines, and stressful technological issues, the calm, stress-free ambience can quickly disappear. What’s the outcome? Well, it’s not particularly positive, or...
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The Power of Human Connection in Business

Nowadays, new technologies have transformed the way we communicate with each other. In particular with regard to the Internet, we think it’s safe to say that sometimes people forget the 3D world and instead choose to zone in on their smartphones, spending a lot of their valuable time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder… Oftentimes,...
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The Power of Smile

With 6,500 spoken languages in the world, it’s not a surprise there isn’t a universal one. A language which is comprehensive and understandable to people of all ages, body language however, can be read by all. A smile is a simple language. It is uncomplicated, simple to learn, and more powerful than any other form...
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Internships at Mantra

We love watching people learn, grow and develop here at Mantra Marketing; seeing an individuals’ confidence rise and capabilities enhance at the hands of the environment you provide is incredibly rewarding. As a result, in recent years, we’ve housed plenty of internships from Professionals UK including Business Management, Social Media and Administration. It’s quite surprising...
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Why Selling is just like Dating

It doesn’t matter how many dates you’ve had in your life or how many sales you’ve done – before a date or sale there will always be a feeling of excitement and a fear of screwing up. But it’s exactly that tingly feeling that makes us just love dating – AND selling! 1. Finding a...
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7 Tips for Being More Positive

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.” – Shiv Khera Sometimes it can be challenging to stay positive and happy; negative circumstances, people or experiences can make life hard, but thinking positively can lead to positive changes in your life. Having an optimistic view can not only be good for your physical...
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Bringing Belgium to Bristol – Mantra Internships!

As an organisation prominent in the UK, Spain and Russia, we work with many different people, clients, systems and cities, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because of our growth over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to expand our team into other divisions, job roles and opportunities. Something we’ve recently seen the benefits...
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Morale at Mantra

Nothing is more important for company morale than a good working atmosphere. It’s not only more fun to work somewhere that embraces the joy of every day, it produces excellent results! By spending time and effort on the well-being of your staff, you can yield on average 12% better performance. (To read more on team collaboration...
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How to use your Body Language for Business

As Sales are the main part of our business, it is our Brand Ambassadors’ role to do their best in making the customer feel comfortable, welcome, and excited to hear what we have to offer. The message is always important, but how you deliver it is what makes you great at sales. According to experts,...
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Top Tips for Smashing that Job Interview!

Everyone knows that a job interview can be a very stressful situation. All kinds of questions are hanging around our heads: Will they like me? What will I be asked? Will I know how to respond? The trick is to think positively; everyone has had to pass an interview to get their job, so why would...
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