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Your Team are your Everything!

Happiness and well-being in a company are the foundations for a fruitful career. Even with the best intentions, it can still be difficult to achieve this environment exactly the way you envisage; with targets, deadlines, and stressful technological issues, the calm, stress-free ambience can quickly disappear.

What’s the outcome? Well, it’s not particularly positive, or enjoyable generally. Stress levels are high, tensions mount and patience often wears thin. As a consequence, productivity, efficiency and quality of work can diminish. 

Although perhaps challenging to implement at all times, team well-being must remain a priority, an element that should be at the heart of the entrepreneurial policy.

 The Solution?

As a basic, companies should respect workers’ needs and aid flexibility. We should all aim to be open to different ideas from the employees, after all they live and breathe your company, they know the reality of working within you business!

Corporate attention to team welfare stimulates the motivation of employees, who are more often than not then driven to contribute more purposefully to their standards of work. A socially responsible company quite often will see team performance and productivity increase. Your people are your everything where your brand and company are concerned; we should all aim to be empathic at the very least, understanding obstacles and difficulties of our team. 

It’s the little things

There are fundamental rights that team members are entitled to, and perhaps others that should be made a priority, even if they’re not necessarily compulsory. Bigger companies may choose to incorporate health and well-being perks into their corporation i.e. a gym, open spaces where people can play table tennis or pool, a relaxation room etc. These may seem extravagant to small businesses, but there are always ways to enhance your team’s happiness at work.

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  • Space to breathe: deadlines upon restrictions upon limitations. When people feel unable to use their own initiative or plan for themselves, a case of career claustrophobia could appear. Allowing your team a certain degree of autonomy will not only ease their stress levels but gives them a sense of ownership over their work
  • Flexible working: Modern day working lends itself to mobility. In many industries, we now have the capability to take our work with us, whether that’s onto a train, taking conference calls while driving or bringing our laptops home. Are there areas where you could be lenient to when and where your team complete their duties? If it gets done, what’s the problem?
  • Valued: individuals want to know their opinions matter. Would you want to work in a company whereby no-one took an interest in what you had to say, nor did anyone bother asking for your thoughts? We wouldn’t. Allowing your team to give insight into issues from their perspective may not change your world, but it will lift their sense of belonging and purpose no end. 

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Every company is different, what’s important to some might not feature for others, but there are always ways to improve your team well-being. The benefits of doing so far outweigh the potential costs, so there really is no excuse in our opinion. A happy team breeds happy customers!

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