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The Difference Between Good Times and Happiness

Today everyone talks about being positive and emotionally prepared to face problems and challenges that come your way, but what does it really mean to have a “good attitude’? 

As opposed to just an attitude…

Maintaining a great attitude, can be broken down into two basic circumstances: when things are going swimmingly, and when they’re not…

Feeling happy and euphoric during times of success is easy; things are going well, you’re achieving what you set out to, things are joyful and life is looking great. You may have had to work hard for such instances, you may not have, but either way, all that’s left to do now is sit back and enjoy it for everything it’s worth. 

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Embracing the difficult times on the other hand, can be a little more tricky. When a series of events do not occur the way you’d envisaged, your attitude can easily take a negative turn without you perhaps even realising it. In this case our friend “resilience” needs to come into play. 

We essentially refer to resilience as the ability of human beings to adapt accordingly, in line with their goals, to adverse situations. Originally, it was thought to be an innate characteristic you either did or didn’t inhabit. Today however, it has been sufficiently demonstrated that it is a quality that anyone can build and add to their list of personality traits. In our eyes, there’s no doubt this attribute is key to maintaining a truly great attitude; it’s the differentiating element between simply being happy when things are good, and happiness.

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Against all odds

What we’d like to focus on is how your attitude can affect your success as an entrepreneur. Whether you have worked in this sector before or not, you will know that the path of the entrepreneur is rarely, if ever, a straight road. An idyllic country road alongside beautiful flowers, butterflies and rainbows? We think not. 

As an entrepreneur, you often have to deal with a variety of problems and spontaneous challenges. Your attitude towards dealing with them will ultimately define how successful you become within your field.

Someone with a positive orientation substantially increases their likelihood of success as opposed to a more pessimistic person who easily surrenders. It may sound cliché, but to succeed you’re going to need a strong work-ethic, a positive mindset and the ability to fight for your goals throughout the journey. These things aren’t possible if you only flourish during the good times!

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Positivity at its Peak

It’s vital to understand that inhabiting a positive mindset against all odds is a mostly psychological task. The winning method is to focus our efforts on our everyday actions, aiming to automatically reach for the positives available instead of instinctively clutching at the negatives. 

Joy and happiness aren’t intangible circumstances or tangible objects; this way of thinking often leads to envy and jealousy of others with more money, large houses, on holiday etc. You don’t become happy because you have or own something. Becoming more positively inclined, and therefore happy, will result from learning to appreciate all the other aspects of your life, even those that can only be seen as a benefit for its learning moment or silver lining. 

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Attitude a Go-Go

Tips are fantastic, but you absolutely have to be aware that everything depends on your effort and genuine desire to train that brain of yours. Here are our nuggets of advice for maintaining your happy when things aren’t going your way:

  • Understand the full picture before your fight or flight mode kicks in: What has actually happened? What’s the true extent of the damage? What can be done about it now? What can we learn from it? 
  • Really grasp the concept of what it is you truly want: As humans we can become all too consumed by comparison; “Oh they’re out for dinner again – How can they afford their social lives? My life’s so boring”. Yes they may have a buzzing social life, but what if they go out so much because they actually get bored of each other if they’re just at home…? Would you rather have a happy relationship or “do it for the gram”? Focus on yourself, your life and your moments of happy.

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  • Be ambitious: having a purpose, whether that’s to help others, develop your skill set or own your own company, facilitates feelings of happiness naturally. Knowing you are working toward something or making a difference tops up your attitude. Set backs aren’t necessarily bad things in the long run, understand that success always comes with curve balls – Get back on that saddle!
  • Develop proactive behaviours: there’s nothing worse than someone moaning to no effect. If you’re going to moan, at least end the venting session with a solution or two, then action them. Source people who can help you retrieve necessary information, structure your next action points, self-educate!

At The Mantra Marketing Group, we love nothing more than providing our team members with the tools to better themselves and their lives. We could discuss this subject for ever, giving tips, suggesting methods and actionable activities. One thing that really makes the difference though? Move away from negative people and surround yourself with those who are kind, ooze positivity and are more intelligent than you!

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