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Why Should Companies Embrace Social Media?

Is it now a given for businesses to incorporate social media into their day to day? right to talk about social networks for companies and professionals? Originally, these tools were created as platforms dedicated to sharing information about our personal lives. As a basic, social networks are relationships between two or more people, this in turn means they can be excellent for reaching potential customers. By engaging in social marketing, you are gifting your inbound marketing department with an additional avenue: by creating organic content through blogs posts or engagement you’re further distributing your company message and branding.

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Benefits you say…

Are you current?

It is essential to keep up with the never-ending changes in modern day business, improving your corporate image and updating your brand through the many tools on offer to us all on the internet. Currently, social networks are the main communication channels for implementing such an effective strategy.

What can be gained from embracing social media for all it offers?

  • The internet is scarcely avoided by anyone in 2019, and companies can’t miss this opportunity for growth and visibility that it provides
  • Embracing the possibilities of social media no doubt improves business strategies and customer reach
  • Brand awareness and the level of engagement toward the company is seen to be more accessible and communicative; we no longer have to wait on hold or for an email response after 10 working days… 
  • Social networks are growing day by day and thanks to these digital channels you can develop and release information faster. Websites are still important however, and should be updated regularly to improve the positioning on Google, but we can now use our social networks as excellent tools for conveying traffic to them also

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Your customers are your everything

Social media can be detrimental to building relationships with users, increasing trust and customer loyalty. Audiences are excessively more encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions online; if you have a live communication stream with these people, you can gather this information for targeting and market research purposes. You must also be aware of how your customer service or experience may be portrayed online though.

LinkedIn, the business social network!

All social networks can be used to benefit businesses. The main social networks used by companies are generally Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but is there a specific platform dedicated to the world of business? LinkedIn! The social network that allows you to create virtuous relationships with colleagues, clients, employers has opened the communication channels for many industries.

You are your Brand

Registering as a professional individual is the go-to activity on LinkedIn, allowing you to showcase your occupational merits, achievements and professional opinions, your “Personal Brand” if you wish.

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Creating your online resume and promoting it to those who wish to find you online is a fantastic tool, one you may never know the true value of – Who knows what relationships you could build!? Networking with industry professionals couldn’t be easier with requests to “connect” being common practise. 

So is LinkedIn a corporate reality for 2019? For the right industry and profession, yes. However, it is in danger of becoming an overly promotive tool, rather than the social hive for professionals to express their insight that it was created for.

Your Social Media Strategy – Let’s go!

Embracing social media as part of your marketing strategy is not as easy as it may seem. You may think that you can open a Facebook or Twitter account, start to publish posts and gain interest instantly. Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

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Firstly you should establish your business goals; what is it you’re looking to achieve with your online activity? From there you should create a plan whereby you lay out your do’s, don’t’s, themes and action points. Delving into more depth you could detail the specific hashtags you will be using, times of days you will be posting and types of content you will publish. 

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Conducting market research into your industry will allow you to pinpoint where, when, who and how you showcase your online marketing strategy. After a given amount of time, perhaps monthly to begin with, then quarterly there after, you should measure the results, reviewing what went well, what didn’t, and where you can amend your future strategies.

Your social media marketing strategy is a work in progress, just like your business goals, expansion plans and diversification processes. Allow yourself the time to trial and error, gaining insight and knowledge on what works for your company.

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