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Full immersion in the UK: – A Mantra Internship!

Living abroad, far from your home comforts is indicative for personal development. Doing so with an internship in an industry that you love can not only help you to make the right decision for your career, it can aid you to make a valuable input for the company in question. 

Performing everyday tasks in a country different from your mother tongue, is invaluable for language development, and adding a second language to your personal portfolio, is incredible for career prospects; travelling with work, niche jobs and unique avenues.  We believe, at least once in life, we should all aim to seek such an adventure.

Internship - Mantra Marketing

Introducing Pamela!

Hello! My name’s Pamela and I’m here in Bristol  from my home town in Italy, San Benedetto Del Tronto. I’m a recent graduate in Marketing from the University of Urbino and landed here in this beautiful city, Bristol a few weeks ago. It’s such a great place to be, offering people endless possibilities. You can choose to work in different areas, try new sports and hobbies, socialise in trendy and alternative scenarios, really embrace everything Bristol has to offer.  Pursuing a passion couldn’t be easier!

Some months ago, I found Mantra Marketing Group online and liked what I saw. I approached them for an internship within direct marketing and, luckily, they gave me the chance to work with them! 

Pamela - Mantra Marketing

Working in a different country, using my second language, is such a valued opportunity I believe, it’s so important for my personal development. Top on my list of priorities whilst I’m here is improving my English, as well as my communication skills within the workplace; broadening my experience with business in another country.. 

There are plenty of departments within the company that I’d like to get involved with in some way, such as social media, marketing strategy and recruitment. Thankfully, the team are more than happy for me to do so, I’m encouraged to follow my interests, think creatively and ask questions.

I’ve definitely noticed a different approach from Mantra Marketing than that of Italian companies. Fran, COO of Mantra, from the start has made a massive effort to make me feel at ease, trying to speak slowly so my English can catch up! She’s encouraging my input with my weekly plan, giving me different tasks to try, and varying the marketing experience I gain.

Main tasks…

At the moment in particular, I’m taking control of the social media activities for three offices within the Mantra organisation: The Promotions Company, Regardless Marketing and Mantra Marketing themselves. I’m enjoying embracing my creativity, making videos, capturing moments and playing with some graphic design! 

The team? 

They’re awesome! Kind, extremely thoughtful and a genuine bunch of people. In particular Fran and Kevin, Office Manager for The Promotions Company, help me every step of the way, taking a keen interest in my development. 

Every morning there’s what’s called a “Morning Meeting”, whereby successes are celebrated, informative and motivational topics are performed, and any updates are given. I’ve been so impressed by these, the enthusiasm of the team and joy for others is quite inspirational. It’s like an uplifting mentality coach for every morning and it’s fantastic!

Clare Street - Mantra Marketing

The atmosphere in the office is always really welcoming also, with upbeat music and warm “hello’s”.

Goodbye Mantra..!

My internship is for 2 months, and such a brilliant opportunity to gain an understanding of what I’d like to do in the future, who knows, maybe my future is here in UK, Bristol even!

Anyway, thanks to Mantra for this opportunity, I hope I do you proud! 

If you’re an enthusiastic person, and you want to challenge yourself, an internship could well be the best solution. I highly recommend them 🙂

Perhaps give Fran a call on 01179209291 or send your CV and Cover Letter over to!

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