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The Power of Human Connection in Business

Nowadays, new technologies have transformed the way we communicate with each other. In particular with regard to the Internet, we think it’s safe to say that sometimes people forget the 3D world and instead choose to zone in on their smartphones, spending a lot of their valuable time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder… Oftentimes, individuals prefer their online relationships than those of the face to face kind. People are free to portray themselves however they so wish; more confident, funny, ambitious perhaps?  

Technology is aiding a diminishing attention span; we want it now and it better be interesting. There are a multitude of options for social networking, dating, sourcing information and entertainment, all in our hands wherever we go. How often do you see/bump into someone walking down the street with their vision facing their phone rather than the world in front of them?…

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In the working world, we believe relationships are the key to success. Direct Marketing or Face to Face Marketing is becoming a lost art, a rarity, something people no longer know how to perform well. Fortunately for us, our specialty is people. Working with individuals, coaching them to believe in their abilities, and enhancing from good to great has been the basis of Mantra Marketing from day one. Genuine human connection is so important for customer relations and brand reputation, let alone career satisfaction and self purpose. A relationship of value, in our opinion, is the only basis for customer service.

If a company can rely on their team to create and nurture strong relationships, their performance will undoubtedly be better. We’ll let you in on a secret, customer relations aren’t the only partnerships that matter, the authentic relationships between co-workers, business partners and team members can be the difference between longevity and a high turnover.

The world of business can be difficult; challenges, developments and sometimes even down right upheaval. Having a solid team alongside you, that is able to boost confidence, support one another and tackle problems together is vital and so gratefully appreciated here at Mantra Marketing Group. Apps and technology may solve efficiency issues within an organisation, but personal connections, trust and reliability? That can only come from shared memories, mutual respect and experience.

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It doesn’t take much to facilitate human connection; a smile, a handshake, the showing of genuine interest (all of which in our opinion should be second nature to us all anyway!) Enthusiasm and eye contact have the power to change the way people warm to you, people never forget how you make them feel!

An example of modern day relationships can be found on the recruitment website, LinkedIn. Used widely across different industries, “personal” messages are sent to potential candidates who show promise for the role in question. After the initial online contact, of which there may be multiple stages, companies still require to physically meet the candidate to see for themselves their skills, abilities and vision.

It’s not enough to invest in people based on a 2D representation, and although the Mantra Marketing team do use online recruitment adverts also, we prefer our method of personal recruiting. We know the qualities, attributes and ambition levels we love to work with, and therefore can spot them a mile off. Whether they’re found in a friend, family member, acquaintance or complete stranger, we build our business on core values and relationships.

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