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Why Selling is just like Dating

It doesn’t matter how many dates you’ve had in your life or how many sales you’ve done – before a date or sale there will always be a feeling of excitement and a fear of screwing up. But it’s exactly that tingly feeling that makes us just love dating – AND selling!

Diner date - Mantra Marketing

1. Finding a partner requires time and energy
Building a relationship takes time. Don’t give up if your first date or your first customer is not love at first sight! The law of averages shows: The more people you approach, the higher the chances that you will find the right person. You need to be patient and believe in it.

2. Choose the right location

You wouldn’t take a well educated boy or girl to Mc Donald’s would you for a meal? The same applies to sales. Which location matches to which kind of customer? Every product and company has its audience – just you need to know where your customer is likely to be.

3. Be presentable
At a date you present yourself in your best life. YOU want to leave a good impression. When you sell, you represent a company. If you approach a customer wearing shabby clothes, the customer will remember the company as shabby and not only you.

4. Face to face is always better
Your tinder dates may not always exactly be who they say they are. To avoid being cat-fished you could have a quick Skype or FaceTime before you arrange a date. Seeing each other face to face builds trust, is more personable and you can see the whites of the people’s eyes. That’s why we believe that face to face is definitely the best way to generate sales.

5. Have a balanced conversation
How boring is a date, when only you speak? How annoying is a date when only the other person speaks? That’s how a customer could also feel with you. Tell them all you know about your product, inform them, but let them speak as well! Ask questions, listen and be interested. A pleasing conversation can be the key for a sale or a second date.

6. Body language is important
In the other person’s body language you can reveal a lot of signals. The way the person talks, sits, stands all say something about her. Is the person smiling? Or does he or she stand there with arms folded? Try to react on the person’s signals. Try to make them feel understood and watch your body language as well!
• Keep smiling
• Have eye contact
• Be aware of your tone of voice
• Stand tall
This will make you look welcoming, approachable and open.

7. Be clear
Say what you want and don’t beat about the bush! If neither of you will ever make a first step, nothing is going to happen between you two. When you are at a point, where you both know what you want – take a risk! This is especially important for dating. But also in sales you need to be clear what you can offer, what the deal is and what the benefit is. At some point you need to come to a closure.

8. Don’t beg – leave a hint of mystery
While you make clear what you want, don’t seem desperate. If the other person doesn’t show interest, you need to accept that. The more you try to convince him or her, the less attractive you or your product comes across. Show some indifference, leave a hint of mystery and make them wanting more!

9. Don’t let your ego take a whacking – Protect your attitude
Always be confident. You know that what you’ve got is good! And if the other person doesn’t like it, accept it. Tastes are different! There will be someone else who loves it. Just carry on smiling and trust in yourself!

No matter how lovely your conversation was, how well the date ended or how much you could sell: If you don’t text afterwards and keep showing interest, this will remain just a one-off. If you set the ball rolling, keep it rolling! It is exactly the same with sales – make sure your after sale is good and you leave the customer wanting more!!

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