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We Provide a direct sales solution to leading brands around the world. We generate new business on their behalf and increase brand awareness in a tailored and cost effective manner. With over £30 million generated per year, we pride ourselves on building long lasting, quality relationships with our clients and partners.

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At Mantra Marketing, we celebrate the individual as well as the ensemble. As Entrepreneurs, we strive to be the best version of ourselves. With innovation, collaboration and spirit at the heart of what we do, we encourage you to reach your full potential, not just in the workplace, but in all aspects of your life.​ In cultivating not only a career, but a mindset, rapid progression comes naturally. Find yourself here, at Mantra Marketing. 

Work Hard. Be Ambitious.

We are an International group of Direct Sales and Marketing businesses with a global presence; with offices in Spain, Russia and the UK, we can offer you incredible opportunities to broaden your horizons. Ambition is something that needs to be nourished, not neglected, and our worldwide network affords our Entrepreneurs the opportunity to exceed their expectations. Be part of something special.

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